Statutory Committee

Members of the Board Of Governors

Sl. No. Name Position in the BOG Designation By Profession
1 Prof. (Dr.) S. M. Chatterjee Chairman Ex- Vice-Chancellor BESU Academician
2 Dr. S. Dasgupta Member DTE, Govt. of West Bengal Ex-officio
3 Prof. Sanjit Sethua Member ERO-AICTE Representative Ex-officio
4 Prof. Anish Deb Member (WBUT Nominee) Professor, Dept. of Applied Physics. C.U Academician
5 Prof. (Dr.) Phalguni Gupta Member (AICTE nominee) Director, NITTTR, Kolkata Academician
6 Prof. (Dr.) Tapas Kumar Bhattacharya, Member (State Govt. nominee) Professor, Govt. College of Engineering and Ceramic Technology Academician
7 Prof. Vir Singh Member Prof. Dept. of Physics.IIT, Roorkee Academician
8 Mr. Harsh Kumar Jha Member from Industry Former Director General BCCI & MD Tata Metallic Ltd. Industrialist
9 Prof. (Dr.) K K Chowdhury Member Educationist Director, Army Institute of Management, Kolkata Academician
10 Sardar Jodh Singh Trust Member Chairman, JIS Group Industrialist
11 Mr. Taranjit Singh Trust Member Managing Trustee, JIS Group Industrialist
12 Mr. Haranjit Singh Trust Member Trustee, JIS Group Industrialist
13 Mr. Amrik Singh Trust Member Trustee, JIS Group Industrialist
14  Mr. Simarpreet Singh   Trust Member Trustee, JIS Group Industrialist
15 Mr Shib Shubhra Dutta Gupta Member Director, JIS Group Administrator
16 Dr. Asit Guha Member Advisor, JIS Group Academician
17 Mr. U. S. Mukherjee Member Dy.Director, JIS Group Administrator
18 Prof. (Dr.) B K Medya Member(Teacher's Representative) Professor & HOD, IT Dept. NIT Academician
19 Mr. Sudhangshu Sarkar Member(Teacher's Representative) Asst. Professor, EE Dept. NIT Academician
20 Prof. (Dr.) M. R. Kanjilal Member-Secretary Principal, NIT Academician
21 Mr. Manoj Mitra Mentor-TEQIP, Invitee Professor, Jadavpur University Academician

1st BOG of 2016

2nd BOG of 2016

3rd BOG of 2016

4th BOG of 2016


S.No Name of Members Designation
1 Sardar Jodh Singh Chairman
2 Mr. Taranjit Singh Member
3 Mr. Haranjit Singh Member
4 Mr. Amrik Singh Member
5 Ms. Raj Kaur Member



The Academic Council will have power to scrutinize and approve the proposal with or without modification of BOS with regards to courses of study, academic regulations, curricula, syllabi, and modification thereof, instructional & evaluation arrangements, methods, procedures and other relevant matters. It will have the right to return the matter for reconsideration to the BOS concerned or reject it. The admission of students to different programmes of study of study in the college, sports, extra curricular activities, proper maintenance the playground & hostels, scholarship, studentship, fellowship, prizes and medals, to frame regulation for the award etc are regulated or maintained by the Academic Council. It recommends the Governing body‘s proposal and gives advice for academic affaires and perform such other functions which may assigned by the Governing body.

This is to inform all concerned that Academic Council of Narula Institute of Technology is revised with the following members as per the recommendation of BOG vide meeting dated 30.08.2014.

  1. Principal – Chairman
  2. Dean.
  3. All HODs
  4. Faculty members nominated by Principal

a) Prof. S.C. Konar – Professor – EE
b) Prof. J.K.Das  - Professor – ECE
c) Prof. P.K. Banerjee – Professor – ECE
d) Prof. J.C. Guha – Professor – CE
5)    Experts from outside
a) Prof. A.B. Samaddar  - Director, NIT, Sikkim
b) Prof. S. Chakraborty – Dept of CE, J.U
c) Prof. Subhasis Bhaumick, Dept of Aerospace Engg. & Applied Mechanics, IIEST
d)Prof. S.R. Bhadra Chowdhury – Dept. of ETCE, IIEST
e) Prof. T.N.Saha.  - Ex Prof. EE, IIT KGP
6)    3 Nominees from affiliating University (WBUT)
a) Dr. Manas Banerjee – Dept. of Chemistry, B.U
b) Prof. Archan Kumar Majumdar 
c)  Prof. Sekhar Bhattacharya – Dept. Chemical Engg. – C.U
7)    A faculty member nominated by the principal (Member Secretary)
a) Mr Kaushik Sarkar  – Faculty, ECE - Member Secretary
8)   Registrar – Permanent Invitee
a) Nidhi Singh – Registrar-Acting


Frequency of the meeting:- At least twice in a year.

Minutes dated 22.12.2015

Minutes dated 30.06.2016

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