Institute Scholarship

Name Criteria
Sibling Scholarship Scheme Scholarship of 20% on the tuition fee will be given to the immediate sibling of existing and former students. 
Employee Scholarship Scheme This Scholarship Scheme is open to the children/immediate sibling of the permanent Employees working in any of the unit of JIS Group and on a regular payroll of the group.
Alumni Scholarship Scholarship of 20% on the tuition fee will be given to our students who have completed either a degree/diploma programme from any of the institutions under JIS Group and secure admission in a second degree program in any of the institutions under JIS Group
Sikh Scholarship Students belonging to Sikh Community may apply for 50% freeship/scholarship on their tuition fees.
WBFS Students will receive 50% freeship on their tuition fees. The names of the students will be send directly to the concerned institutes from the Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal
Freeship Students with poor financial background are eligible to apply for freeship. Apart from direct applications recommendations from political leaders are also considered under this category.
 Check point can be introduced: such as results, attendance, behaviour, social media appearance etc. 
 Freeship will only be considered from 2nd     semester onwards . 
 We need to freeze the percentage below 50% (may be 20%) on the tuition fees as the no of applications have been increased.  
 Students who lost their earning members during the courses get 50% freeship on their tuition fees from colleges as per MAKAUT Rules. 
Scholarship Scheme for the state of Tripura Scholarship will be given for the Admission in Lateral Entry (B.Tech courses) for students from the State of Tripura.
Scholarship for M.Tech. Students Scholarship of  20% on tuition fee  / per semester  is applicable only to the external students who have scored DGPA of 7.0 and above in their last qualifying examination for pursuing M.Tech.

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