Laboratory Civil

Concrete Laboratory

The main focus of Concrete laboratory is centered upon different areas like developing fundamental knowledge on concrete making materials, its production, quality control and monitoring health of reinforced concrete structures. Department is looking forward to set up a center for nurturing the New generation concrete such as Self compacting concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, high volume fly ash concrete as a part of research and consultancy activities.

Major Equipments:

1. Compression testing machine 
2. Concrete mixer machine 
3. Motor vibrator 


Soil Mechanics Laboratory

The primary objective of Soil mechanics laboratory is to excel the indepth knowledge on characteristics of soil towards design of foundation and for many civil engineering applications.

Major Equipments:

1. Consolidation test Apparatus 
2. California Bearing ratio test apparatus 
3. Unconfined Compression Tester 
4. Compaction apparatus


Highway engineering Laboratory

This laboratory offers handy solutions in testing road materials based on local needs by means of Los angeles apparatus, Crushing strength apparatus, Bitumen testing apparatus. Mix design of bituminous concrete for specified requirements is also performed. Benkelman beam is available to check the longitudinal profile of road crust.

Major Equipments:

1. Los Angeles Abrasion testing machine 
2. Marshall stability test apparatus 
3. Benkelman beam apparatus 
4. Ring & Ball Apparatus 
5. Pensky mertene flash point apparatus


Environmental engineering Laboratory

Lab facilities are especially designed for testing and analyzing the municipal and hospital waste water. Testing of drinking water parameters including Arsenic is available in the laboratory. Recently department has procured a number of modern and sohisticated computer operated instruments for analyzing drinking and waste water parameters.

Major Equipments:

1. BOD incubator 
2. Bacteriological Incubator 
3. COD apparatus 
4. Spectrophotometer UV tube visible 
5. Laminar Air Flow Machine 


Surveying Laboratory

Surveying instruments with necessary accessories are provided from conventional survey to modern survey by means of chain survey, transit vernier theodolite, automatic level, dumpy level, digital theodolite and electronic theodolite - total station.

Major Equipments:

1. Automatic level fitted with tripod stand 
2. Electronic digital theodolite 
3. COD apparatus 
4. Spectrophotometer UV tube visible 
5. Laminar Air Flow Machine 


Geology Laboratory

Geology laboratory puts emphasis on identification of crystals, rocks and minerals with the help of hand specimens, petrology microscope, ore microscope, geo-morphology model clinometer. Interpretation on Geological map India is also illustrated in detail.

Major Equipments:

1. Petrology microscope 
2. Ore microscope 
3. Geomorphology model


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