Specific Facilities for Women

The following are some Specific Facilities for Women provided by the Institute.


(a) Safety and Security

• Well-trained and vigilant women security guards stationed across the Institute.
• Security checkpoints at all campus entries and exits where the Identity cards of every stakeholders
are properly checked.
• Extensive surveillance network with 24x7 monitored control rooms.
• Rotational duty by all faculty members for discipline and security.
• Awareness campaigns on women safety and gender sensitivity through street rallies and camps by
student volunteers.
• Separate hostels for girls and boys with dedicated lady wardens.

(b) Counselling
• Formal and informal avenues for counselling for male and female students and staff for academic and other issues/problems.

(c) Common rooms:

 In the College there are two separate common rooms for boys and girls for healthy recreation among the students.
• This space has been designed to give students a place to relax, study, have informal discussions in
free time available.
• There is provision for a few indoor games like table tannis, carrom, Chess. Newspaper and Journals are also available.


The Geotagged Images of the facilities:  Click Here

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