NBA Approved / Accredited Courses:

B. Tech. (EE):

  • Started with 60 seats in July 2002 under AICTE approval.

  • Intake increased to 120 in July 2010 under AICTE approval.

  • Accredited by NBA and Approved by AICTE in July, 2008 for 3 years.

M. Tech. (Power Systems):

  • Started with 18 seats in July 2010 under AICTE approval.

  • Accredited by NBA and Approved by AICTE in July, 2016 for 3 years.

Assessment of Theoretical Subjects

Theory Subjects: 100 percentage point/marks

Each item under this classification shall be evaluated on the basis of 100 percentage point/marks, subdivided into the following 2 categories:

End-Semester Examination: 70 points/marks

Operational Guidelines:

There shall be internal and external Paper setter to be decided by the respective Board of Studies. The internal setters are necessarily the subject teachers engaged in teaching the subjects in the College. External Paper setters are to be chosen from outside the College who are engaged in academic and/or research activities in any academic/research Institute of repute, Government or Non-Government/Self-financing type. The Paper setters shall be appointed by the Controller of Examinations.

There shall be internal examiners engaged in teaching the respective subjects for checking, scrutinizing and re-evaluating answer scripts of each theory subjects. Checking/Evaluation of scripts shall be completed and award list shall be submitted within a reasonable time as stipulated by the CoE after the completion of examination to the Controller of Examinations.

The entire evaluation work and subsequent encoding/decoding and tabulation work shall be completed within a reasonable time after the completion of the examination as decided by the Controller of Examinations.

Midterm/Class tests and Students’ performance/attendance: 30 points/marks regarded as Internal Assessment

Operational Guidelines:

One midterm examination shall ordinarily be conducted by the Examination Cell. The Controller of Examinations shall ordinarily set the midterm examination schedule and announce examination dates as per academic calendar of the college.

Examination scripts shall be checked/evaluated by the subject teacher and finally to be submitted along with duly filled-up marks slips supplied to them from the Controller’s office well before the End-semester examinations commence. The answer scripts of the Unit Tests conducted shall be kept as records at the Controller of Examination’s office.

Consecutive class tests shall ordinarily be conducted every month by the course teacher.

Summary of Assessment

Total Marks allotted- 100

  1. End Semester Examination: 70

  2. Internal assessment: 30

  3. Internal Assessment :

    • Two unit tests/10 class test/1 mid term: 15 Marks

For two unit tests average is taken, for 10 class tests average is taken and for mid term total marks is taken.

    • Case Studies : 10 Marks

    • Attendance : 5 Marks

Assessment In Laboratories

Practical Items: 100 percentage point/marks

Every item in this category shall be evaluated out of 100 percentage points, divided under two broad categories as detailed below:

End-Semester Examination: 40 points/marks

Operational Guidelines:

There shall be Viva-voce examination in each Laboratory item, essentially in presence of an External Examiner, to be nominated by the respective Board of Studies.

The course teacher/internal shall assist the External Examiner during such Viva-voce examination.

Laboratory Sessionals: 60 points/marks

Operational Guidelines:

The course teacher(s) shall be the sole authority for finalizing award under this item. The course teacher shall assess the students on the basis of Attendance & Regularity,Preparedness for Conduct of Experiment, Initiative to Learn and Interact and presentation of Laboratory Report, its Regularity in Submission and Conduct ete.

The course teacher shall finalize the award (out of 60 marks) before the End-semester Examination and submit the same under scaled cover to the Controller of Examinations.

Summary of Assessment Mode

Evaluation Method

1.Prelab Test - 5%

2. InLab Performance - 35%

3. Postlab Test - 15%

4. Attendance - 5%

5. Final Exam - 40%

1,2,3,4 are parts of Continuous assessment Model as depicted below

Continuous assessment Model


Viva- @1 mark total 10 attainment of C.O.s 1-24 Attainment of P.O.1-4,10

Attendance-@1mark total 10 attainment of C.O.s 1-24 Attainment of P.O.5,6,11

Labcopy-@2 total 20 attainment of C.O.s 1-24 Attainment of P.O. 5-11


Viva-@ 1 Total 10 attainment of C.O.s 1-24 Attainment of P.O. 1-10

Assessment By TA : 10 attainment of C.O.s: Experiment Specific

End Semester Assessment Model

Examination Copy : 30 attainment of C.O.s :Experiment Specific

Viva on the date of examination: 10 attainment of C.O.s :Experiment Specific

Total Marks : 100 Continuous Assessment : 60 External Assessment : 40

Remedial Teaching M.Tech

The students are provided with the following opportunities for attending remedial or make up classes for the subjects they feel they are weak and need more nourishment from the teachers:

1) In each semester separate slot is provided for remedial study in the routine. Students are informed by formal notice to attend these classes.

2) After 1st class test, the results of the students are observed and weak students are identified. These students are provided with special classes and the head of the department takes their viva to ensure their competency in the subject.

3) After the publication of the 1st year result, the weak students are identified and they are provided with remedial classes.