M.Tech. Laboratory

List of Experiments:

  1. Testing of CT and PT.

  2. Development of differential protection scheme Using disc type over current relay.

  3. Testing of On load and Off load time relay.

  4. Testing of under voltage relay.

  5. Vector group Test of Transformers.

  6. Testing of numerical distance relay

  7. Study of generator protection scheme using instantaneous differential relay.

  8. Study of transformer protection using differential relay.

  9. Study of over current and earth fault relay

  10. Parallel operation of Alternators.

  11. Develop MATLAB program for Y Bus matrix formation for N bus systems.

  12. Develop MATLAB program for Y Bus formation with tap changing transformers.

  13. Develop MATLAB program for GS load flow analysis.

  14. Develop MATLAB program for NR load flow analysis.

  15. Develop MATLAB program for FD load flow analysis.

  16. Develop MATLAB program for the analysis of voltage security.

  17. Develop MATLAB program for solution of swing equation.

  18. Develop MATLAB program for transient stability analysis for single machine connection to infinite bus.

  19. To plot PV, QV curves for voltage stability analysis using MI power or MATLAB or PSCAD.

  20. Simulation of single phase and three phase full converters with R-L load to observe rectification inversion of power flow as is required for HVDC transmission in MATLAB SIMULINK.

  21. Modeling and simulation of synchronous machine wit FACTS devices for power factor improvement using MI power or MATLAB or PSCAD.

  22. Simulation of distance protection scheme for Power System using MATLAB SIMULINK.

  23. Development of MATLAB program for Economic load dispatch with and without B-Coefficient using artificial intelligence ( PSO/ Genetic Algorithm).

  24. Development of MATLAB program for Optimal Power Flow using AI.

  25. Contingency ranking of Power System using MATLAB.