Flip Learning: To modify teaching-learning process and students are able to team work.

Implementation: In every lecture plan 2 to 3 lectures are dedicated for flip-learning.

Online Google Classroom: Students will able to practice online relevant courses and access any kind of documents on the go.

Implementation: Google forms, Google Classrooms, Google Docs and relevant ICT tools are disseminated among the students for "Any Time Learning".

Online NPTEL Courses: To develop advanced knowledge and technical skills as well as online examination practice and to develop the skills of real life problem.

Implementation: The course ware and the online examinations are referenced as class works and online tests.

Seminar Presentation: To develop listening and communicative skills among the students and to get knowledge power point presentation on any topic.

Implementation: Different areas of courses can be accessed and self-learned by students while presenting a PPT.

Project Work: To develop in hand technical skills and enrich the innovative ideas among the students.

Implementation: Innovative ideas can be explored and can be implemented either in hardware or through software.

Online Course ware: To provide the relevant documentation of the lectures that to be delivered in classes for their ease of access.

Implementation: Self-learning by the students can be enhanced by giving them access to the course ware which also prevents loss of knowledge.