Power System Lab

  • Space: 110 sq. mtr.

  • Batch size: 30-35 (3 students per set up)

  • Major equipment: Test Setup for CT & PT, Test setup ; Over Current Relay, Earth Fault Relay, Distance Relay, Transformer Vector Group test setup, to find Break Down Voltage of Solid Insulating Material and Transformer oil

  • Software available: etap, Mi-Power, MATLAB

List of Experiments:

  1. Draw the Schematic diagram of structure of power system and power transmission line and Symbol of Electrical Equipments.

  2. Simulation of DC distribution by network analyzer.

  3. Measurement of earth resistance by earth tester.

  4. Dielectric strength test of insulating oil, solid Insulating Material.

  5. Different parameter calculation by power circle diagram

  6. Study of different types of insulator.

  7. Determination of the generalized constants A.B, C, D of long transmission line.

  8. Active and reactive power control of alternator.

  9. Study and analysis of an electrical transmission line circuit with the help of software.

  10. Dielectric constant, tan delta, resistivity test of transformer oil.

  11. Any Innovative experiment according to knowledge of power System I.

  12. Study on (i) on load Time Delay Relay (ii) off load Time Delay Relay

  13. Polarity, Ratio and Magnetization Characteristics Test of CT & PT

  14. Testing on (i) Under Voltage Relay and (ii) Earth Fault Relay

  15. Study on D C Load Flow

  16. Study of A C Load Flow Using Gauss – Seidel Method

  17. Study of A C Load Flow Using Newton -Raphson Method

  18. Study of IEEE 30,66 bus Load Flow by Software Simulation(ETAP ,MAT Lab or others)

  19. Study on Economic Load Dispatch by software

  20. Study of Transformer Protection by Simulation

  21. Study of Generator Protection by Simulation

  22. Study of Motor Protection by Micon Relay

  23. Study of Different Characteristics of Over Current Relay.