Electrical Machines - II Lab

  • Space: 120 sq. mtr.

  • Batch size: 30 (6 students per set up)

  • Major equipment: 1-Phase Induction Motor, DC Motor and Salient Pole Alternator Set, Alternator Synchronizing Panel 3-Phase squirrel Cage Induction Motor, 3-Phase Alternator, Frequency controller set

List of Experiments:

  1. To observe the effect of excitation and speed on induced e.m.f of a 3-phase alternator and plot the O.C.C. of the alternator.

  2. Determination of regulation of Synchronous machine by Potier reactance method

  3. Determination of regulation of Synchronous machine by Synchronous Impedance method

  4. To determine the direct axis resistance [Xd] and quadrature reactance [Xq] of a 3-phase synchronous machine by slip test.

  5. Parallel operation of 3 phase Synchronous generators.

  6. V-curve of Synchronous motor.

  7. Determination of equivalent circuit parameters of a single phase Induction motor.

  8. Load test on single phase Induction motor to obtain the performance characteristics.

  9. To study the performance of Induction generator.

  10. To study the effect of capacitor on the starting and running condition of a single-phase Induction motor, and to determine the method of reversing the direction of rotation.