Electrical and Electronics Measurement Lab

  • Space: 110 sq. mtr.

  • Batch size: 30-35 (3 students per set up)

  • Major equipment: Potentiometer, CRO, Ct & PT, Energy Meter, Anderson Bridge, Wein Bridge, Schering Bridge, D/A Converter, Function Generator, Power Supply

List of Experiments:

  1. Instrument workshop- Observe the construction of PMMC, Dynamometer, Electro-thermal and Rectifier type of instruments, Oscilloscope and Digital multimeter.

  2. Calibrate moving iron and electrodynamometer type ammeter/voltmeter by potentiometer.

  3. Calibrate dynamometer type wattmeter by potentiometer.

  4. Calibrate AC energy meter.

  5. Application of Kelvin double bridge by using D’ Arsonval Galvanometer.

  6. Measurement of power using Instrument transformer.

  7. Measurement of power in Polyphase circuits.

  8. Measurement of frequency by Wien Bridge.

  9. Measurement of Inductance by Anderson bridge

  10. Measurement of capacitance by De Sauty Bridge.

  11. Measurement of capacitance by Schering Bridge.

  12. Testing of Energy Meter

  13. ion of Electronic Volt meter

  14. F/V and V/F converter application