Electrical Machines - I Lab

  • Space: 110 sq. mtr.

  • Batch size: 30 (6 students per set up)

  • Major equipment: DC Series Motor, DC Shunt Motor, DC Shunt Generator, 1-Phase Transformer, 3-Phase Transformer, Slip-ring Induction Motor, Squirrel cage Induction Motor

List of Experiments:

  1. Heat-run test of a single-phase transformer.

  2. Regulation and Efficiency of single-phase transformer by direct loading method.

  3. Parallel operation of two single-phase transformer and find out the load sharing between them.

  4. Efficiency of a single-phase transformer by Back-to-Back test.

  5. Polarity test and vector grouping of a three-phase transformer.

  6. Swinburne test of a D.C. shunt motor.

  7. Brake test of D.C. series motor

  8. Voltage build-up of a D.C. shunt generator and find out critical resistance and critical speed.

  9. Circle diagram of a three-phase Induction Motor.

  10. Speed control of three-phase Induction Motor by V/f constant.

  11. Separation of losses in three-phase Induction Motor.

  12. Load test of a three-phase wound rotor Induction Motor.