Circuit Theory Lab

  • Space: 100 sq. mtr.

  • Batch size: 30-35 (1 Computer for 1 student)

  • Major equipment: Computers, MATLAB and Multisim software

List of Experiments:

  1. Familiarization with various MATLAB commands used in Electrical Engineering

  2. Transient response of R-L and R-C network: simulation with PSPICE/MATLAB/Hardware

  3. Transient response of R-L-C series and parallel circuit: Simulation with PSPICE/MATLAB / Hardware

  4. Study the effect of inductance on step response of series RL circuit in MATLAB/HARDWARE.

  5. Determination of Impedance (Z) and Admittance (Y) parameter of two port network: Simulation / Hardware.

  6. Frequency response of LP and HP filters: Simulation / Hardware.

  7. Frequency response of BP and BR filters: Simulation /Hardware.

  8. Generation of Periodic, Exponential, Sinusoidal, Damped Sinusoidal, Step, Impulse, Ramp signal using MATLAB in both discrete and analog form.

  9. Amplitude and Phase spectrum analysis of different signals using MATLAB.

  10. Verification of Network theorems using hardware components.