Hod's Message

Prof. Dr. Biman Mukherjee

Professor & HOD

Our department is vibrant due to our academic and staff members as well as our bright students. Our faculties come from highly respectable universities and industries with specialized knowledge that runs the gamut of civil and construction engineering ranging from geotechnical engineering to structural and construction management to transportation engineering to water and environmental engineering etc. We have excellent lab facilities which can be considered as one of the best in the country.Civil engineering is a professional core engineering discipline that deals with design, construction and maintenance of physical and naturally built environment. Civil engineers build bridges, roads, canals, dams, high-rise buildings and other large structures.Civil engineering was originally defined simply to distinguish non-military engineering from military engineering but it actually represents so much more. Without Civil engineers, we would not have a constant supply of clean water, roads or train to get the work in morning, or sustainable energy to help us save our planet.Civil engineering is traditionally broken into several sub-disciplines including structural engineering, dealing with analysis and design of structures, geotechnical engineering dealing with analysis and design of foundation of various structures and soil related problems, water resource engineering dealing with analysis of water potential, design of hydraulic structures and allocation of water for various sectorial uses, environmental engineering dealing with water treatment for safe water supply to urban and rural areas and waste water treatments for pollution hazards, transportation engineering dealing with analysis and design of roads, railways, airports and harbours, surveying dealing with mapping and setting out works and construction engineering dealing with construction materials , construction and maintenance of variuos structures.Civil engineers use computers for analysis, design and construction, new technologies like remote sensing, intelligent buildings, intelligent transpotation system, green buildings, managerial skills for managing resources and structures, communication skills for better understanding with people etc.The department of civil engineering fulfills the requirements of equipping the students with all aspects of civil enginering mentioned above and face the real world with confidence.