Finishing School - Objective


Reference: TEQIP Phase-II/ Project Implementation Plan (PIP)/ Annexure-IX Pg No: 253

Objective :

To explore and identify common avenues of interaction with industry as per the requirements of the institution.

Scope :

All the institutions covered under the Project will form Industry-Institution-Interaction Cell (IIIC) to establish purposeful interaction between industry and institution.

Strategy :

IIIC will be responsible for designing the roadmap for interaction with industry recognizing the inherent strengths as well as the weaknesses of the institution. Thus it will be a unique and localized industry-institute-interaction development roadmap for the institutions.

The industry interaction for envisioned institutional roadmap will be facilitated by Industry-Institute Partner Promotion Cell (IIPPC) established at SPFU of the respective States.

Suggested Activities under IIIC :

  • To identify and facilitate Guest Lectures, Interactive Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Brain Storming Sessions, Technical Discussions etc. with members of the Industry, outside experts, eminent personalities at regular interval.
  • To conduct Industrial Training, Orientation Courses, Industrial Visits etc for faculty and students at regular intervals.
  • To facilitate joint research work, consultancy involving faculty and students.
  • To conduct industrial exhibitions to highlight research facilities and expertise available with the Institution.
  • To facilitate for professionals from industry as visiting faculty in institutions and short or long periods deployment of faculty from institutions to industry for gaining industrial experience and/or work on projects in industry.
  • To seek and associate experts from industry in curriculum development and review.
  • To identify continuing education opportunities, short-term programmes and training needs of the industry, which the institution can provide.
  • To promote revenue generating activities for the institution like Lab Testing, Calibration, Consultancy and R&D etc.
  • To assess periodically the scientific and technological scenario/ happenings in India and abroad in order to translate it into action for taking up future R&D work.

Deliverables :

IIIC will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Increase in collaboration with industry
  • Increased rate of campus placement of students
  • Absorption of students by same industries providing industrial training
  • Increase in IRG by collaborating with industry
  • Increase in industrial training for students arranged by college
  • Increase in utilization of college resources by industry

Tie-up Arrangements between JIS Group of Institutions and Central Bank of India for Educational Loan to Students