Providing Teaching and Research Assistantship - Objectives

  • To increased output of post graduates and doctorates is of crucial importance for meeting the large requirements of faculty and for meeting the needs of the industry.
  • To encourage the passing out graduates to join PG programmes and also pursue Research programmes for being employed as faculty.
  • Non-GATE qualified students selected by the institutions will receive teaching/ research assistantships, for for which they will devote 8-10 hours per week in classroom and laboratory assignments.
  • To utilize 10-12 % of the total institutional project outlay on giving assistantship to masters and doctoral students.
  • To seek permission to convert the unfilled GATE and Industry sponsored seats to non-GATE and non-industry sponsored seats (open/general) respectively so that the seats do not remain vacant.

Tie-up Arrangements between JIS Group of Institutions and Central Bank of India for Educational Loan to Students