HOD's Message

It is my privilege to welcome you to the Mechanical Engineering Department at Narula Institute of Technology.

Our department comprises of distinguished faculty members and highly efficient technical staff who are actively involved with the students in guiding and preparing them for a bright future.

Although the Mechanical Engineering Department at NiT is young, our driving mission is to prepare students for a rapidly evolving and complex world. With the NiT slogan "HOW TO THINK NOT WHAT TO THINK", we continue to be committed to core values of building on strong foundations to foster a culture of innovation within a dynamic, vital and engaging intellectual environment.

Our laboratories are very well established and comprise of state-of-the-art facilities to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely develops complete knowledge of the subject (both the practical and theoretical depth of knowledge) and develop skill sets of students to become promising engineers in future.

The JIS Bosch Centre of Excellence on Fluid Power Control Systems has been setup to cater to the needs of research and training for faculties, students and researchers.

I would like to conclude with the words of Thomas Friedman who has rightly said "World is flat and opportunities are immense. It’s just a question of identifying opportunities and making the best of them". I wish all the best to the students.

Dr. Sumit Chabri

Associate Professor & HOD

Narula Institute of Technology