Narula Institute of Technology has tied up with Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises to offer assistance to the business incubator through host institution (HI) in public private partnership (PPP) mode and to help the entrepreneurial venture to succeed.

For further details regarding the scheme please follow the guidelines available at MSME Website and also available on the download section of TBI - NiT.


Narula Institute of Technology has joined the campaign on implementing National innovation and start-up policy (NISP) under the aegis of the Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MIC) and adopted the policy framed by MIC.

The aim of the National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP 2019) is to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship in the students and faculty to build a startup ecosystem.

How To Apply?

Eligibility: Any individual, student/group of students, Alumni, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises having Innovative Business ideas can apply.

Please Go to the given link:
Then click on MyMsme and then click on the icon:  Idea Incubation

Click on the link as applicable:
Apply for approval of Idea by Entrepreneur or otherwise
Apply for approval of Idea by Students of HI/BI /others
Guideline Manual is available in this link :  
For selecting Narula Institute of Technology as the Host Institute:
 Select State as “West Bengal”
 Select Host Institute as “Narula Institute of Technology”
The guidelines can also be downloaded from MSME website as well as from the download section.